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Difference between Gels, Creams and Serums

Same benefits but different textures often get us confused. Let us find out the difference between gels, creams, and serums.


Gels are transparent liquids heavier than water and are usually made with ingredients like Aloe pulp/juice, glycerin, hydrosols, etc which dissolve easily in water. Gels contain very less or no oil at all, making them light in texture. In layman language, gels look like jelly and are transparent. People with combination, dry or acne-prone skin should opt for gels.


Creams along with water also contain oil, are heavier in texture and are not transparent. Since they are thicker in texture, creams take more time to absorb into the skin. People with normal or dry skin should opt for creams due to their high moisturizing properties.


Serums are lighter than both gels and creams and contain potent ingredients like essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins, etc to repair and heal the skin. Due to their light texture, serums absorb quickly into the skin and repair the skin from deep within. Serums can be gel-based, oil-based or both and are formulated to treat various skin problems like dark spots, dark circles, acne, wrinkles, skin sagging, dullness, etc.

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