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5 Easy Ways to keep Blackheads away!

Find the recipe to make blackheads remover at home with just 2 ingredients.Blackheads are skin conditions, caused by oil and some specific bacterias that don't make people sick and it's not that tough to get rid of them. Follow these simple steps to keep blackheads at bay! Click to know more [2 minutes read].

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Ayurvedic Skincare Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Ayurveda is about embracing healthy lifestyle habits, not just herbal remedies. Your overall health has a direct impact on your skin and your skin can speak volumes about your lifestyle and health. Therefore, always try and keep your body healthy.  Some ayurvedic beauty tips to try: Fuller’s earth, honey & gram floor pack for glowing skin: Combine 2 tsp of fuller's earth powder (Multani mitti)

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How to get rid of Acne (Pimples)?

Despite several anti-acne products available in the market, people often look for new and safer ways to get rid of pimples and why not, who doesn't want a pimple free clear skin! While getting pimples is normal during puberty and hormonal changes, there are a lot of other reasons which cause pimples, check out

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