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Clear Skin Tips | 5 easy steps to get clear skin

We often ask people or try to look up: How to get clear skin instantly, or how to get clear skin fast? Though this sounds unattainable, it is quite possible; there are ways to get your skin nice and bright fast. Here are 5 ways to make your skin look radiant without spending a dime and in no time.

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How to get rid of Acne (Pimples)?

Despite several anti-acne products available in the market, people often look for new and safer ways to get rid of pimples and why not, who doesn't want a pimple free clear skin! While getting pimples is normal during puberty and hormonal changes, there are a lot of other reasons which cause pimples, check out

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Difference between Gels, Creams and Serums

Same benefits but different textures often get us confused. Let us find out the difference between gels, creams, and serums. Gels are transparent liquids heavier than water and are usually made with ingredients like Aloe pulp/juice, glycerin, hydrosols, etc which dissolve easily in water.

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