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Our Ingredients List

All our products are made with Natural and nature-derived ingredients, and to ensure this; we use only the safest ingredients. Check out our ingredients and where they stand across leading global databases like FDA and Paula's Choice on personal care safety.





Activated Charcoal Bamboo Based Safe Good
Allantoin Plant Based Safe Best
Almond Oil Almond Safe Best
Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Plant -- Good
Aqua Purified Water Safe Good
Avocado Oil Avocado Safe Best
Basil Oil Basil Plant Safe --
Bees Wax Bees Wax Safe Good
Castile Soap Coconut Oil, Olive Oil Safe --
Castor Oil Castor Bean Safe Good
Chamomile Essential Oil Chamomile Flower Safe Best
Chamomile Fragrance Oil Chamomile Flower Safe Best
Cocamidopropyl Betaine Coconut Based Safe Good
Coco-glucoside Coconut Derived Safe Good
Coconut Oil Coconut Safe Best
Distilled Water Distilled Water Safe --
Emulsifying Wax Vegetable Wax Safe --
Ethylhexylglycerin Glycerin Based Preservative Safe Good
Green Tea Extract Green Tea Safe Best
Green Tea Infused Sesame Oil Green Tea and Sesame seeds Safe --
Hyaluronic Acid Plant Based Safe Best
Kaolin Clay Kaolin Safe Good
Lauryl Glucoside Sugar Based Cleanser Safe Good
Passion Fruit Extract Passion Fruit Safe Good
Neem Extract Neem Safe Best
Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Safe Best
Olive Oil Olives Safe Good
Orange Essential Oil Orange Safe --
Palm Oil Palm Tree Safe Best
Patchouli Essential Oil Patchouli Safe
Phenoxyethanol (less than 1%) Plant Based Preservative Safe Good
Refined Sugar Refined Sugar Safe --
Rose Clay Rose Safe --
Salicylic Acid Bark of the Willow Tree Safe Best
Sesame Oil Sesame Seeds Safe Best
Shea Butter Shea Tree and Nuts Safe Best
Sodium Benzoate Plant and Fruit Based Preservative Safe Good
Sodium Gluconate Plant Based Safe Good
Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate Coconut Derived Safe Good
Sunflower Seed Oil Sunflower Seeds Safe Best
Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree Safe Good
Vegetable Glycerin Vegetable Safe --
Vitamin E Plant Based Safe Best
Vitamin C Fruit Based Safe Best
Wheatgerm Oil Germ of Wheat Kernel Safe Good
Xanthun Gum Sugar Based Safe Good