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Our Story

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Founded by Swati Joshi, Norm Naturals is an initiative to offer skincare products that are 100% safe, made from natural and nature-derived ingredients, free from SLS, Parabens, and toxic chemicals. Unlike the mass-market product brands for whom the term “natural” is nothing but a marketing gimmick, we at Norm, offer skincare products, that are honest and made using many plant-based natural ingredients, essential oils, and all things naturally good, to enhance the skin with the goodness of long term benefits. All our products are 98 to 100% natural.


Our beliefs : 

We believe in honesty and nothing else! Hence all our products are made using certified natural and nature-derived ingredients without any harmful chemicals, Sulfates, Artificial fragrances, or Parabens.

We believe skin is no different from our stomach! Hence all our products are made with utmost care in small batches to keep the freshness intact.

We believe animals are no different from us! Hence we are strictly against animal testing.

We believe in spoiling people with products that are sure to give a spa-like experience with every use.

We believe you are naturally beautiful and do not require artificial products, just healthy, glowing skin!